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Everyone's roles and responsibilities

The players

  • Arrive 10 to 15 minutes before a practice and 25 to 30 minutes before a game.
  • Make sure you see the team manager (Mr. Net or Ms. Net), wash your hands and answer health questions before embarking on the field.
  • Make sure you have your own equipment (helmet, glove, water bottle and if possible a bat).
  • Make sure you have your instant disinfectant or soap solution in a spray bottle.
  • Make sure you do not have gum or sunflower seeds in your bag.

The coaches

  • It is recommended that all coaches wear a face cover, especially if the coach must intervene directly with a child (eg injury).
  • As usual, make sure that players respect the established rules.

Team manager (Mr. Net or Ms. Net)

  • Welcome your team before practices and games.
  • Enforce the sanitary measures implemented.
  • Register attendance in the register (the procedure will be communicated soon).

The parents

  • If you have not already done so, parents must sign the Baseball Quebec consent form.
  • It is recommended that one (1) single parent accompany the child during practices and games when possible. In addition, carpooling is discouraged to get to the field.
  • As the parents must respect the distance of 2 meters from the other parents, it is recommended that each parent bring their chair.
  • The children's uniform should be cleaned after each session.
  • Encourage all the players.

What measures will be taken to keep a safe environment?

In this extraordinary period, we believe that it will be essential to put in place hygienic rules which will be unusual. It is important to take all Public Health advice seriously and to apply all recommendations to make the sport environment safe for all.

Here are examples of some hygiene rules that will be applied:

  1. Hygiene and distance on the players' bench (the space between the foul line and the fence will be used to distance the offensive players).
  2. Distance between the parents present on each side of the fences (no grouping in the stands).
  3. There will be no umpire behind the catcher. The positioning of the umpires will be behind the pitcher and always at a distance of 2 meters from the players.
  4. When the team is on defense, it will provide its own balls and collect the balls to avoid contamination between teams.
  5. Hand washing must be carried out at least twice per game.
  6. Prohibition on sharing equipment (helmet, bat, catcher's equipment, bottle of water).
  7. No rallies after the games (notably the handshake).

What happens with catcher equipment?

The ABAA will provide 3 catcher's equipment (in individual bags) for each team. The coach will have to designate 3 players who will occupy this position for a period of time. During the summer, if the coach changes catcher's, the equipment must be cleaned and disinfected before handing it over to another player.

What is the refund policy for the year 2020?

Before June 21, 2020: 100% of registration fees
Before July 2, 2020: 50% of registration fees

How will the evaluations work?

The ABAA will carry out the evaluations during the first phase (June 14 to July 18). A few days before the end of this phase, teams "A" and "B" will be announced. The members of the ABAA committee will ensure that all the teams are balanced.

Where will my child play his games?

Usually, all teams travel to play outside of the Aylmer area, except the Rally-Cap teams. The Atome, Moustique and Peewee B teams will compete in the west (sector: Aylmer, Hull, and La Pêche). For the Atome A, Moustique A, Peewee A, Bantam B, Bantam A, Midget B and Midget A teams, they may be called upon to travel throughout the City of Gatineau (sector: Aylmer, Hull, Gatineau, Buckingham, Val-des-Monts).

What are the changes for the rules of the game?

9U (Atom) class B

6 against 6 traditional. No changes.

9U (Atom) class A and 11U (Mosquito) class B

8 against 8 with a pitching machine. No catcher, but it is mandatory to have one (1) player in the pitcher position. For 11U (Mosquito) class B, the speed of the pitching machine and the 5 throws prescribed in division 9U (Atom) class A will be used. The 3 strikes remain in application and there is no use of t-ball.

11U (Mosquito) class A and AA and 13U (Pee-Wee) class B

No lead-off, no stealing bases. In summary, a runner can try to reach the next base only on a hit ball or if he is forced to advance.

13U (Pee-Wee) class A, 15U (Bantam) and 18U (Midget)

No lead-off, obligation of the pitcher to make a throw towards the plate (no catch to the opposite "pick-off"), a runner can try to reach the next base from the moment when the pitcher initiates his throwing movement (following his pause), either at the foot of the foot for the stride (or during the back / side step "cradle" in full motion).


In games played in classes A and B, a maximum of 2 innings are permitted per day in divisions 11U (Mosquito) and 13U (Pee-Wee), and a maximum of 3 innings are permitted per day in divisions 15U (Bantam) and 18U (Midget). You can never pitch 3 consecutive days. There is no limit per week.


What happens if you have to cancel the season before the scheduled end date?

In the exceptional case where the season should end abruptly following the recommendations of Public Health, the ABAA will give financial compensation to the parents by considering the expenses incurred, the fixed costs and the number of games remaining to be played.

What happens in the event of rain during phase 1?

The ABAA will post a cancellation notice on its website and Facebook page.

What equipment should my child have?

Your child needs a baseball helmet with two ear protectors, a baseball glove, gray pants * and running shoes (rubber cleats are recommended for "Mosquito and above" levels ). The use of metal cleats is permitted from the "Bantam" division.

An athletic support with a protective shell for men or a pubic protector for women is also strongly suggested.

Exceptionally for this season, we strongly suggest that each player can have his bat. If necessary, the ABAA will provide bats on the players' bench which will be disinfected after each use.

* The ABAA has an agreement with the Marc Sport store for gray baseball pants at a cost of $ 20 (taxes not included). Please consult our website to obtain your coupon.

Are the games cancelled because of the weather to be rescheduled?

No, there will be no rescheduling of games. Once the calendar has been prepared and shared with the teams, it will be final. This will make it easier for parents and coaches to plan their summer.

Are there uniforms and caps?

Absolutely. For the first phase, a "T-Shirt" will be given to all players. Each group will have a separate color. For the second phase, a team jersey will be given to all players. You will understand that with the exceptional circumstances, the jersey will be a little different this year. For baseball caps, they will all be distributed as soon as the association receives the order.

What is the procedure if my child has to be absent during a practice or game?

For the first phase (June 14 to July 18), you have nothing to do. For the second phase (July 19 to September 6), you will need to contact your team’s coach.

How will the “Rally Cap” program take place?

For our youngest children, the Rallye Cap program will run from June 29th until August 27th. Your child will be assigned to one of 10 teams. The activities will take place from 6.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays (groups 1 to 5) or Tuesdays and Thursdays (groups 6 to 10) at the Vieux-Verger baseball and soccer field. The program consists of different workshops focused on baseball. Also, during the summer, young players will have the opportunity to play 6 against 6 games on the baseball field. For this summer and at the request of public health, we request that a parent accompany his child in the field during the activities. A communication will be sent to you the week of June 15th with more information.

Q: How do I contact the ABAA?

You may contact any Board Member at the ABAA by email:


Andre Fortin
Audrey Bureau
Andre Fortin
Audrey Bureau
Andre Fortin
Audrey Bureau


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