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The ABAA will no longer organize a woman’s team. If your daughter would like to play in a 100% woman’s team, we invite you to contact the ABFO (l'association de baseball féminin de l'Outaouais) Please be advise that all girls/women are welcome in join our mixed teams!


Season 2023


Registration Form for the 2023 Baseball Season



Girls and boys aged 5 to 22 (2001 to 2018) who live in the Aylmer area (J9J / J9H).



It is important to remember that baseball is a team sport. Before committing, please consider if your child will be absent for a long period or if your child will participate in more than one sport during the summer period. When there are too many scheduling conflicts, the player gets little benefit, while his team suffers from his many absences.



Regular registrations: from February 10th to March 31st, 2023

Late registrations: After March 31st, 2023, the ABAA cannot undertake to accept registrations. You take the risk that our teams are complete following regular registrations and that we cannot find a place for your child. He could be placed on a waiting list.

Please contact us directly for the U9 and + categortys as they are currently at full capacity.



Category Birth year Cost
Rallye Cap (5-6 years old) 2017 to 2018 140$
Rallye Cap Transition (7 years old) 2016 140$
U9 – Atome (8-9 years old) 2014-2015 180$*
U11 – Moustique (10-11 years old) 2012-2013 255$
U13 – PeeWee (12-13 years old) 20010-2011 255$
U15 – Bantam (14-15 years old) 2008-2009 265$
U18 – Midget (16-17-18 years old) 2005 to 2007 265$
U22 - JUNIOR A (19 to 22 years old) 2001 to 2004 350$**

• There is a 50% discount for the registration of a third child from the same family, and a 100% discount for the fourth.
• * Atom: if your child is chosen for Atom A level, an additional fee of $ 60 will be required. Atom A level requires umpires and scorekeepers,which is not the case at Atom B level.

•** Junior A: The initial payment will be 50$. The players that will be chosen will need to pay the balance of 300$. Players that not make the team will be reimbursed.
• The registration cost includes the baseball cap and the team jersey.
• Each team, depending on their budget, can organize fundraisers or require parental contributions to cover expenses (ex : tournaments, team
apparel, end of season party ...).



ABAA offers levels A and B baseball as well as the Rally Cap program. Level AA is represented by the Tyrans team, an organization affiliated with BQO. For more information, refer to the website The participation of a child at one level or another depends on his skills and his willingness to keep his commitments to his team. Level AA requires a serious and sustained commitment, the numerous practices and games being generally compulsory. Level A is a little less demanding, because there are fewer practices than in AA, but the presence at almost all the practices and games is highly recommended, even required. Level B, on the other hand, is considered recreational. It is not uncommon to see players in the B level who are very talented but who do not want to commit as much as required by levels A and AA.

If your child participates in AA trials, you must absolutely register with the ABAA as well in order to reserve a spot in case your child is not chosen for the AA team. If your child is selected for the AA team, the amount will be refunded to ABEO.



Usually, all the teams travel to play outside the Aylmer sector, except the Rally-Cap. The Atom, Mosquito and Peewee B teams will play their games in the west of the City (sector: Aylmer, Hull, Chelsea and La Pêche). For the Bantam B and Midget B teams, they may be called upon to travel anywhere in the City of Gatineau (sector: Aylmer, Hull, Chelsea, Gatineau, Buckingham, Val-des-Monts). For the Atom A to Midget A teams, they will also be called upon to play a few games in Ottawa.



The Rally Cap Program runs from June to August.

For the U9 to U22 categories, the fitness and evaluation activities will start April 15, while the season will start in early June and run until September.

U9 Atom category and above are training and playing games at least twice a week. The team head coach
will contact you a few weeks before the start of the season. All teams participate in the playoffs that have
during the last 2 weeks of the season. Parents are asked to plan their vacation accordingly.

In order to maximize the use of our lands and better balance the schedule, it is important to note that it could in the event that jousts are scheduled on weekend days (especially Sundays).



The ABAA is working with the Outaouais Girl's Baseball Association (ABFO) to provide all girls who want to play baseball with the opportunity to do so. ABFO provide level A and B baseball for girls. For more information, please refer to  



Your child needs a baseball helmet with two ear protectors, a baseball glove, a baseball bat, baseball gray pants and running shoes (or rubber cleats: suggested for Mosquito and older). The use of metal cleats is permitted starting at the Bantam division.

An athletic support with a protective shell for men or a pubic protector for women is also strongly suggested.



​Like all amateur sport organizations, the ABAA is run by volunteers and is supported by the City of Gatineau. Coaches, assistant coaches, administrators and any parent who gets involved, even for a single task, are essential to keep the organization running smoothly. The ABAA could not function without them. In general, parents are involved as long as their child plays baseball. Ideally, and out of fairness for all, parents should all chip in for their team and our association. At a minimum, they are required to adhere to the Code of Conduct (the link to which can be found on our Web site) and to attend their child's games.



The more a child invests in the sport he practices, the more he benefits from it. Ideally, players are required to participate in all games and practices. In reality, this is unlikely, mainly due to the holidays. It is imperative that you notify your head coach in advance if your child is unable to attend a game or practice. In the LBO league, a team will lose by default if it shows up with less than 8 players. In such a case, the whole team will suffer.



All teams from U9 to U18 will participate in an end-of-season tournament. All Level A teams will participate in a tournament outside of the region for which player registration fees will be paid (not included in the registration price).



For our youngest players, the Rally Cap program will run from June to August. Your child will be assigned to one of the teams grouped by age (8 players per team). The activities will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays (2017-18) or Mondays and Wednesdays (2016) at Lakeview baseball field. The program consists of different baseball-focused workshops. Also, during the summer, kids will have the opportunity to play 6vs6 games on the baseball field. 

For Rally Cap Transition players (born in 2016), there will be more games than in previous years and there will be an introduction to the ball-throwing machine.



The years of birth to play Junior A are 2001-2002-2003-2004.

Participants must register by making a full deposit of the amount of 350$ to participate in the training camp and if not selected to be part of the team, they will be reimbursed. This includes 20 games in the NCOBA (Ottawa, Kanata, Seaway etc) at a rate of two games per week. The team will be composed of 15 players to allow players to work, referee, etc. 12 players will be present at each game (a schedule will be made accordingly to know who plays in advance).



We apply the latest Governement of Quebec Guidelines



Online: Consult our website

For special situations, please contact us directly at



  • 2 weeks before the teams composition): 100% of the registration fee
  • From the composition to the beginning of the 2023 regular season: 50% of registration fees
  • There will be no refunds once the regular season has started


Q: Ho


Who do I contact the ABAA?

You may contact any Board Member at the ABAA by emailcontact@aylmerbaseball.cater Baseball

It is with great enthusiasm and excitement that the Aylmer Amateur Baseball Association presents its second edition of WINTER BASEBALL development camps.

The 12 week program offers our young baseball players the chance to improve their physical condition and develop their technical skills during the winter season. Exercises will be adapted according to age and will allow your child to initiate or improve his or her, catching, running, throwing and hitting skills in a fun and stimulating environment

Camps are offered in collaboration with the new ISDP BASEBALL ACADEMY, in their superb facilities, located at 675 Vernon Street, in the Aylmer sector. The program is open to all, but unfortunately space is limited, so don't delay in registering.

GROUP ABAA1 I 7 -9 I U9 I Saturday 14:00 - 15:30

GROUP ABAA2 I 9-13 I U11-U13 I Saturday 11:00 - 12:30

GROUP ABAA3 I 9-13 I U11-U13 I Saturday 12:30 - 14:00

The camps are:

  • Saturday January 14 to April 15 (OFF February 4 and March 4)
  • 12 weekly, 90 minutes practices
  • Cost: $270
  • Agility, speed and coordination exercises
  • Strength, stability and flexibility exercises
  • Workshops batting, throwing, catching
  • Workshops PITCHER and CATCHER
  • Workshops INFIELD and OUTFIELD

Camp registrations will be done in collaboration with the ISDP Baseball Academy and will begin online on Thursday, November 24 at 7 p.m. Attend the information session at the ISDP Centre on Thursday, November 24, 6 p.m. to 7 p.m., to learn more about the activities offered by the ISDP Baseball Academy, to meet with the  coaches, to visit the facilities and, of course, to register in person!

Registration will be at :



Les chevaliers de Colomb d'Aylmer Local 5281
Sports aux puces
Gilles Chagnon, Conseiller municipal, District Lucerne
Sports aux puces
Les chevaliers de Colomb d'Aylmer Local 5281
Sports aux puces
Gilles Chagnon, Conseiller municipal, District Lucerne
Sports aux puces


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