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Hello everyone,

The members of your board are working to plan for Aylmer’s 42nd baseball season. In this extraordinary time, we believe that the 2021 season will have special meaning for our young players. After several months of confinement and restrictions, we hope that many players will have the chance to reunite with their friends and take advantage of the summer period to go outside and play baseball.

It goes without saying that a sports association relies on the support of its volunteers. The ABAA has always been blessed to have so many people willing to volunteer and share their passion for baseball. To make sure the next season runs smoothly we need people who are ready to get involved and contribute for the well-being of our kids.

The Aylmer Amateur Baseball Association (ABAA) would like to invite all those interested in a position of head or assistant coach for one of the Atom to Midget level teams or to be a coach for the « Rally Cap » program for the 2021 baseball season to submit their application.


  • Encourage active participation, the pleasure of playing ball, the development of the players and promoting a healthy lifestyle.
  • Take an annual training before June 15th, 2021 (on-line courses).
  • Submit to a criminal background check.

Please send your letter indicating your experiences and training acquired in baseball or other sports at the following email address: by Sunday March 7th, 2021, clearly indicating which category you are applying for. (ex: Mosquito A).

Depending on the number of applications obtained by category, a selection committee may be formed to select the coaches.

The final selection of head coaches will be announced mid-March.

Thank you for your involvement!

Daniel Caron


Rest assured, you are not alone!

Managing a baseball team made easy

In order to reduce the management of a season, there will be no postponement of games or practices. Once the calendar is prepared and shared with the teams, it will be final. This way, it will be easier for parents and coaches to plan their summer. However, it will be possible for a coach to add practice needs to the team's schedule (depending on the availability of the fields).

We encourage coaches not to work alone. Each team should work as a team of 3 coaches and a manager to share the tasks.

It is important to remember that you are there for the players and that the goal is to provide a positive and rewarding sport experience. As a coach, you will not be evaluated on the number of wins, but on the pleasure of playing baseball and the commitment of your players. It is crucial that the youngsters enjoy their season and that they want to come back next year!

ABAA support

  • Coordinating the player evaluations and ensuring the teams are balanced;
  • Assumes the training costs of coaches in order to respect the minimum required for each category;
  • A director available for each category to assist the teams as needed;
  • Preparation and approval of team books;
  • Provide equipment and uniforms;
  • Plan 3 practices for each team with a professional trainer.


Andre Fortin
Audrey Bureau
Andre Fortin
Audrey Bureau
Andre Fortin
Audrey Bureau


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