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The ABAA Executive Committee is preparing our sector’s 44rd baseball season. Registration will be open in early February. As you may know, the ABAA and all its teams are run entirely by volunteers. We have always been fortunate to have so many people who want to volunteer and share their passion for baseball. To ensure the proper functioning of the next season we need people who are willing to get involved and contribute for the well-being and enjoyment of our kids.

We would like to invite anyone interested in a head coach or assistant position for one of the Atom to Midge level teams, be a facilitator for the “Rally Cap” program or simply a parent helping for the 2023 baseball season to submit their interest.

Please send your interest by filling out the following form:

 Registration Form


  • Encourage active participation, play, youth development and healthy living.
  • Complete training (head coach/assistant) by June 15, 2023 (online or attendance TBC)
  • Background check.
  • Baseball experience is not mandatory, your enthusiasm and desire to help is number one!

Depending on the number of applications received by category, a selection committee could be formed to select coaches.

The coaching selection process will begin in mid-March.

Thank you for your involvement!


Be assured, you are not alone!

The schedule of games and practices will be shared with coaches before the start of the season. This will make it easier for parents and coaches to plan their summer. However, it will be possible for a coach to add practices to the team’s schedule (depending on the availability of the fields).

We encourage coaches not to work alone. Each team should work in teams of at least 3 coaches and a manager to share tasks.

It is important to remember that you are there for youth and that the goal is to provide a positive and rewarding sporting experience. As a coach, you will not be rated on the number of wins but appreciated on the fun of playing baseball and by the commitment of your players. It is crucial that young players enjoy their season and want to come back next year!

ABAA is there to support the following activities:

  • Coordination of the player evaluation period and ensuring balanced teams;
  • Covers the costs of training coaches to meet the minimum requirements for each category;
  • A director available for each category to assist teams as required;
  • Preparation and approval of workbooks;
  • Provide equipment and uniforms;
  • Assistance from a professional coach as needed to plan some practices.


Les chevaliers de Colomb d'Aylmer Local 5281
Sports aux puces
Sports aux puces
Les chevaliers de Colomb d'Aylmer Local 5281
Sports aux puces
Sports aux puces
Les chevaliers de Colomb d'Aylmer Local 5281
Sports aux puces
Sports aux puces


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