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Frequently asked questions 
2020 season

Q: What measures will be taken to keep a safe environment?

In this extraordinary period, we believe that it will be essential to put unusual hygienic rules in place. It is important to take all Public Health advice seriously and to implement all recommendations to make the sport environment safe for our players. Over the next few weeks, Baseball Québec will prepare clear instructions to facilitate the establishment of a baseball season.

Here are examples of some hygiene rules that could be applied:

1. Hygiene and distance on the players bench (use the space between the foul line and the fence to distance the players)

2. Distance between the parents present on each side of the fences (no grouping of parents in the stands)

3. Review the positioning of officials (for example: behind the pitchers)

4. Procedure for using balls

5. Provide soap and water in player dugouts

6. Ban on sharing equipment (helmet, bats, catcher's equipment, water bottle)

7. Abolish gatherings after games (including handshake)

The measures that will be implemented must be approved by the Public Health. We will send you an update as soon as it becomes available.

Q: What is the refund policy for 2020?

Considering that the start of the season will be July 2nd, here are the refund policies:
Before June 15th, 2020: 100% of registration fees
Before July 2nd, 2020: 75% of registration fees

Rest assured that regardless of the date, a full refund will be made if the season is completely canceled.

Q: How will the evaluations work?

The ABAA will conduct player assessments and the making-up of teams over a period of approximately 14 days. We hope to have access to the baseball fields before mid-June.

Players will be invited 1 or 2 times in very small groups to conduct individual evaluations. The players will be evaluated in different stations setup for this occasion at Aydelu.

Q: What equipment should my child have?

Your child needs a baseball helmet with two ear protectors, a baseball glove, gray pants * and running shoes (rubber cleats are recommended for "Mosquito and above" categories). The use of metal cleats is permitted from the "Bantam" division.

An athletic support with a protective shell for men or a pubic protector for women is also strongly suggested.

Exceptionally for this season, we strongly suggest that each player has his own bat.

* The ABAA has an agreement with the Marc Sport store for gray baseball pants at a cost of $ 20 (taxes not included).

Q: Will there be tournaments or championships?

Baseball Quebec has announced that all the various provincial championships and provincial tournaments have been canceled for the 2020 season.

Q: Where will my child play the games?

Usually, all teams travel to play outside of the Aylmer area, except the Rally-Cap teams. The Atome, Moustique and Peewee B teams will compete in the west (sector: Aylmer, Hull, Chelsea and La Pêche). For the Bantam B and Midget B teams, they may be called upon to travel throughout the City of Gatineau (sector: Aylmer, Hull, Chelsea, Gatineau, Buckingham, Val-des-Monts). In addition, the Atome A to Midget A teams will also be called upon to play a few games in Ottawa.

Q: What happens if you cancel the season before the scheduled end date?

In the exceptional case where the season should stop abruptly following the recommendations of Public Health, the ABAA will proceed to a prorated reimbursement to where we are. The portion of unused variable expenses (umpires, scorers, etc.) will be reimbursed to parents.

Q: What will be the season schedule?

The period

Still considering the current scenario, the season will run from July 2nd to September 13th. Also, after this date, we will study the possibility of adding games for ABAA players for weekends up to October 5th.


The games will take place 7 days a week. We will make sure to maximize the weekdays, but surely the teams will have to play on certain weekends (especially Sundays).

Q: Will there be practices?

Yes, there will be periods scheduled in the team calendar for practices. The same rules of hygiene and social distancing will be applied by the coaches.

Q: Are the games cancelled because of the weather to be rescheduled?

No, there will be no rescheduling of games. Once the calendar has been prepared and shared with the teams, it will be final. This will make it easier for parents and coaches to plan their summer.

Q: How will the “Rally Cap” program take place?

For our youngest players, the Rally Cap program will run from the beginning of July until September 3rd. Depending on the number of registrations, we expect 14 to 18 sessions. Also, each team will be made up of a maximum of 6 players. There will be a maximum of 4 teams per day on a field.

Q: How do I contact the ABAA?

You may contact any Board Member at the ABAA by email:


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Audrey Bureau
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Audrey Bureau
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